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The stately homes of Ireland are about to be invaded by three intrepid Chefs who will take the viewer on a quest to recreate the grand feasts, lavish dinners and party buffets that these great kitchens once prepared for all kinds of special celebrations and give the audience a peep behind the doors and histories of some of the grandest stately private homes and the families who have lived there.

Lords & Ladles takes the viewer on a historical journey to celebrate our past through the wonders of food and the glories of cooking. The three Chefs: Derry Clarke, Catherine Fulvio and Paul Flynn are as oddly complimentary as the Top Gear trio, with egos to match.

Each week the Chefs arrive at a Great Irish Country House and must recreate a grand dinner from its history while tantalising the TV audience with sumptuous descriptions of the treats that are on the menu. But first they must Draw Lots for the division of labour – one will Gather the ingredients, one will Cook, and one will get to Dine with the gentry.

The Gatherer must source the ingredients for the feast from the local environs – hunting shooting and fishing feature strongly, as do cow’s lip, lamb’s stones and lots of tongue! The Cook will familiarise themselves with the workings of the kitchen, some even have the original wood-fired ovens. He or She will check out the original house cookbooks – some fine old tomes filled with mouth-watering recipes from the past – Birr Castle boasts a cook book dating from 1666.

Meanwhile the Diner has drawn the plum role of social historian and raconteur and gets to explore the house with its owners and caretakers, learning about its place in ….flynn

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