Six-year old Glaslough boy refused vital diabetes pump by Monaghan HSE office

29 April 2011 One Comment by The Northern Standard

By Michael McDonnell

The distraught mother of a six-year-old Monaghan boy who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in February of last year contacted the Northern Standard this week to highlight the difficulty she is experiencing in securing a crucial insulin pump for her child’s ongoing treatment.
Caroline McKenna, who lives at Rossarell, Glaslough, said her son Daithi had been in hospital eight times over the last year. He has a severe phobia of needles, Caroline stated, but has to be injected twice daily because an “insulin pump” is not being made available.
Daithi was transferred to the Endocrinology/Diabetes facility at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda last year, and is presently on top of the centre’s list for an insulin pump. The pump, which is small and can be comfortably worn by the user, would keep the diabetes under better control and — more importantly, given the child’s fear of needles — would do away with the need for injections.
According to Caroline, hundreds of children throughout Ireland have received such pumps. But since Type 1 Diabetes is a long-term illness, one of the requirements is that this specialist equipment must be funded by the HSE in the area where the child lives.
But the HSE in Monaghan is refusing to fund the pump, she stated. She had spoken to the Monaghan office and was told that Monaghan HSE did not fund “modern technology” and had “taxi bills to pay”.
Caroline said Daithi has to be physically held down twice a day to receive his injections, and she agreed that this means he his living in constant fear of the next injection.

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  • Steve Latenne said:

    The problem wiyh the HSE now is that it has far too many penpushers who just don’t care about people.
    This boy is just a statistic to them, it costs money to give him this pump- therefore they won’t give it to him.
    People don’t matter to HSE executives, only cold hard cash.