“Pothole Terror” jumps in at shallow end to prove his point!

3 December 2010 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Cootehill’s “Pothole Terror”, Martin Hannigan was in the news again at the weekend when the Sunday World newspaper gave him a two-page spread — complete with pictures of him stripped down to Y-fronts, along with a shapely reporter clad only in thigh-high PVCs and polka-dot bikini.

In putting her feature on Martin’s ongoing anti-pothole campaign together, the paper’s Geraldine Comiskey decided to throw caution to the wind — and it was a pretty chilly wind too, we’re told! — last Monday week and jump right in at the deep end, to highlight the puddles and potholes plaguing the hard-pressed motorists on the highways and byways around Cootehill and Cavan.

Our picture, courtesy of Sunday World and photographer Lorraine Teevan shows the pair getting down to bare essentials in one of the many unwanted and decidedly unappealing looking swimming pools on a roadway close to Martin’s homeplace.

Now calling himself “Cavan’s Pothole King”, Martin told the Northern Standard yesterday that he was happy to use any and every means to highlight the deteriorating condition of local roads, and he reiterated his criticisms of Cavan Co Council for allegedly failing to spend the money it was allocated for the purpose of road improvements.
He hoped that the two-page feature in the popular weekly tabloid would help to highlight the problem and inspire some action on the part of the Co Council. But he also admitted that it was a cool enough day to be togging out for a dip in the one of bigger craters at the top of Mayo Hill.

“But we got used to it after a while!” he added

Mr Hannigan also vowed that he would keep his campaign going, despite the promises to desist that he made to a District Court judge last year. One aspect of that campaign might be the launching for 2011 of another “Pothole Calendar”, similar to the one he produced in 2009, the benefits of which went to Drumlin House.

Declaring that he was not afraid to fight for his rights, Martin assured us that he was going to continue painting the potholes and highlighting the issue.

“I’ll bring it to my grave,” he said.

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