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A cast-iron plaque commemorating the role that Monaghan man John McKenna played in the foundation of Liverpool FC was unveiled in the past week at the club’s Anfield ground. “Honest John”, as he was known, hailed from Drumcaw in the Donagh area. He is remembered as the Reds’ first manager and a key figure in the club’s establishment. He went on to serve in a number of senior executive positions with the club and also made his mark on the early governance of English football, serving as President of the English Football League and Vice-President of the English Football Association.

Liverpool fan David Moen writes: There was much excitement last Friday morning when I viewed the first pictures of Liverpool Football Club’s Anfield tribute to Monaghan man, ‘Honest’ John McKenna. Of course as we know by now, this quickly turned to sadness later that morning as news that Jürgen Klopp was to step down as Liverpool manager at the end of this season. Time moves on however, football clubs move on, as will managers.

The great men, Shankly, Paisley, Fagan, Dalglish, Houllier, Benetiz and now Jürgen Klopp, each have played a massive part in the illustrious history of Liverpool FC winning numerous silverware along the way. Depending on your age, there’s no doubt that Liverpool FC supporters in County Monaghan can remember intimate details on some of the titles won by the club. Unforgettable finals in Istanbul, Madrid and the more recent Wembley triumphs.

Great memories for all reds in the county and beyond. But it’s also fair to say that none of these victories may have been possible without the influence of north Monaghan native John McKenna and his key role in the formative years of Liverpool Football Club. John McKenna was born on the 3rd January 1855, the son of Patrick McKenna and Jane McCrudden in Drumcaw Co. Monaghan. Like thousands of other Irishmen of his generation, McKenna had to emigrate in search of work in the…

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