2 November 2023 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Defiant message to EirGrid as interconnector preparations advance

The Co Monaghan Anti-Pylon Committee has issued a defiant “Our land is not for sale!” message to electricity transmission grid operator EirGrid as it strives to advance preparations for the building of the north-south interconnector. A statement from the campaign group which we publish in full below reiterates anger at correspondence issued by EirGrid to landowners and voices concern at the operator’s plans for meetings with officials of local authorities in counties Monaghan, Cavan and Meath.

A CMAPC spokesperson told the Northern Standard this week that the committee was requesting elected local public representatives to keep abreast of developments regarding local authority officials’ engagements with EirGrid, and to make public any plans that might impact adversely on landowners and communities in the path of the proposed project. “Co Councillors have remained united in the leadership they have displayed in opposing the proposal to put the north-south 400Kv interconnector overground,” the spokesperson stated.

“The message is clear and unambiguous to EirGrid. Landowners have stated clearly that their land is not for sale. EirGrid-appointed officials are uninvited and unwelcome anywhere near their property, and should take careful note of all “No Trespassing” signage indicating that unauthorised entry is prohibited on a landowner’s premises or land. “The communities of Meath, Cavan and Monaghan are very angry and frustrated by EirGrid’s direct letter to landowners on October 4. They rightly question the absence of any national debate by their elected…

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