18 November 2022 No Comments by The Northern Standard

The Border Communities Against Brexit (BCAB) campaign group issued a warning this week that proposals to introduce an Electronic Travel Authorisation or ETA scheme, which could come into effect next year as part of the British Government’s Nationalities and Travel Bill, will cause serious transport and tourism disruption and impact the economy of Co Monaghan and neighbouring locations.

All non-UK and non-Irish EU citizens would have to apply for a £10 pre-travel clearance from the Republic into Northern Ireland if the rules are implemented. In a media statement, BCAB said it was “appalled” at the prospect. “This scheme will require all non-Irish EU and European Economic Area citizens, as well as non-British and non-Irish citizens, from other countries to apply prior to travelling,” BCAB stated.

“To put this simply, an EU citizen from Germany, Poland etc would have to apply in advance and submit initially facial biometric data, and then in time fingerprint data, as part of their application to travel…

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