19 August 2022 No Comments by The Northern Standard


Even in the smallest and most tightknit communities, it really is incredible the stories that can be thrown up. Turmoil, devastation. Victory, elation. On and off the sporting field, in so many walks of life. A GAA club is forced to balance responsibility alongside privilege. Oftentimes that responsibility can be directly exchanged into euros.

The modern era can be a challenging one for clubs, with investment needed on an almost constant basis to ensure sustainability, never mind growth. The likes of the Kilmore Development Project in Scotstown is not something that happens overnight. It requires fundraiser after fundraiser, people on the ground, years of planning and preparation. Slow and steady wins the race. And sometimes even that is not enough. Sometimes your hopes and dreams and years of planning and work can fall through. It can quite literally be buried before your very eyes.

A sinkhole of 30 ft can devour a lifetime of work in seconds. “Everybody has got a plan until they get punched in the mouth”. September 24th 2018 was chaotic at best. At worst it was like the reaches of hell had eaten their way to the surface. Magheracloone chairman Francis …

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