7 January 2022 No Comments by The Northern Standard

The latest Anti-Litter League table published by the IBAL or Irish Businesses Against Litter organisation this week showed a significant improvement in ranking by Monaghan Town, which has risen to 12th place on the table and is ranked as “clean to European norms”. Naas took IBAL’s cleanest Irish town title for 2021 in an end-of-year survey which concluded that litter levels are on the rise nationally with the problem being most evident in the country’s cities.

The latest IBAL report highlights the growing problem of discarded PPE or Personal Protective Equipment, finding that it is now at its highest level since the Covid-19 pandemic began. “Frankly, there are few positives to draw from this survey when it comes to our main cities,” said IBAL’s Conor Horgan. “Other than Limerick’s Galvone and Ballybeg in Waterford, the An Taisce reports make for grim reading. Covid-19 is certainly a factor but it alone cannot explain a negative underlying trend of recent years in the cleanliness of our urban areas.”

Mr Horgan said that PPE litter was now at record levels. “It would appear that this litter is accumulating as the pandemic continues, as there remains an understandable reticence to pick up other people’s PPE. “The disposable blue face mask has become a ubiquitous part of the landscape up and down the country. People…

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