5 November 2021 No Comments by The Northern Standard

By Veronica Corr

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar TD told The Northern Standard on Friday that he was confident that the Government’s plans for a COVID-19 booster programme would prevent the re-imposition of severe lockdown measures despite the currently high levels of Coronavirus cases: The Tánaiste said: “My expectation is that we won’t have to go backwards in terms of restrictions.

The restrictions that we have in place at the moment will, more or less, remain as they are until we get through the winter. I have always felt that we had to get through another winter before we could say the pandemic was safely behind us, but we will keep reviewing them as time goes on.

“There are some indications from England and Scotland, which have been open for a very long time now with very few restrictions, that cases have actually peaked there as a result of both immunity from vaccines and immunity from infection. So, they are getting to that very high level of immunity where cases seem to be falling, notwithstanding very few or no restrictions for months now. “Indications from Israel are that the booster programme is hugely effective. It is our hope and our expectation, that we’ll be able to get past this new wave of COVID, without having to reimpose restrictions, but nobody can rule that out.

The Chief Medical Officer (Dr. Tony Holohan) was absolutely right to say that we can’t take that off the table. It is in our hands. We need to get vaccines. We need to isolate and get a test if we’ve got symptoms. We need…

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