29 October 2021 No Comments by The Northern Standard

A new study published by the Irish Central Border Area Network or ICBAN has found that the impact of the UK’s departure from the European Union has been either worse, or much worse, than expected for communities in Border counties. The study indicates that growing concern exists among people in the Border region about political stability in Northern Ireland as well as co-operation between the governments north and south and cross-Border community relations as a result of Brexit and the ongoing controversy over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

53% of participants in a survey conducted by Queen’s University Belfast said that the impact of Brexit has been worse or much worse than they had expected, with only 13% saying it has been better than they feared.

The report is part of The Border after Brexit project in which Queen’s have partnered with the ICBAN cross-Border local authority organisation. Most participants in the study report negative economic experiences of the impact of Brexit and the Protocol, with around half of respondents pointing to problems with the supply, delivery, delays in delivery….

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