24 September 2021 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Jack Madden reports

The life of a GAA club is more of a cycle. It is a series of cycles. Eras come and go, but the club lives on. They survive, they excel in the effort of volunteers, in the work of members of the association, die-hards of the club. Cycles often come full circle, but nothing comes full circle in the absence of momentum. And who creates that momentum? Us. For Cr emartin Shamrocks, the journey started in 1934.

An era of short-lived peace between two world wars allowed the fields to grow green once more. It allowed the smallest of shamrocks to flourish into what it has become today. It is no mean feat building a sustainable club model. In a parish of three clubs, it is all the more impressive. For chairman Gerry Mulligan, the off the field wars have been a bit less consuming, Cov i d-1 9 aside. Wit h the worst of the pandemic hopefully behind us, the once blurred long-term future comes into focus again. A degree of certainty. An abundance of hope. After over 18 months of virtually assemblin g, it f eels as tho ugh we can properly come together….

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