27 August 2021 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Co Monaghan continued to be a “problem area” for the incidence of bovine TB and was one of a number of counties where a HIT or highimpact plan was being rolled out to counteract the disease, the Department of Agriculture has stated. High-impact plans were also being implemented in counties Cavan and Clare, the Department confirmed.

The Department said yesterday, Wednesday, that it would provide personalised Herd Test History Statements and Reports to cattle farmers in the coming days, to help them to reduce the risk of bovine TB in their herds. “The Bovine TB Forum Interim Report identified the need to provide more effective information to farmers to help them reduce the risk of TB in their herd and advocated for the development of herd risk categories that are “simple, clear, and convey sufficient information to enable farmers to make the decisions appropriate to their situation”,” a statement from the Department of Agriculture pointed out. “Against this background the department has developed individualised reports that provide a simplified TB herd risk category for farmers, with herd-specific….

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