12 August 2021 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Both Re-Opened After Compliance
Measures Put in Place

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland served two closure orders during July on food businesses in Monaghan and Castleblayney for breaches of food safety legislation. They were among eleven enforcement orders issued by HSE environmental health officers throughout the Republic. The FSAI ordered the closure of Fredis Pizzeria, Dublin Street in Monaghan and of Fredis Takeaway, West Street in Castleblayney.

Both premises later re-opened after the closure orders were lifted when improvements had been made. In the case of Fredis Pizzeria in Monaghan town, the inspector found that the premises was in breach of seven food safety regulations. There were no hazard analysis and control point procedures in place. The premises was stated by the inspector to be “in a very unclean condition, with food debris and grease embedded on all equipment and surfaces including the floors and walls.”

There was a lack of protection of food from contamination throughout the premises. Food was stored uncovered allowing potential contamination by flies and other pests and food was being stored on the floor in unhygienic conditions. The inspection found that the yard and stores to the rear of the premises were not suitable for the storage and preparation of potatoes owing to the lack of protection against contamination. There was no hot water at the wash hand basins in the staff sanitary conveniences. Information on the allergen content of loose foods and foods prepared on the premises was not available in writing…

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