23 July 2021 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Margaret Urwin of the Justice for the Forgotten campaign group, established in relation to the 1974 bombings in Dublin and Monaghan Town, has called on the Irish Government to seek the intervention of United States President Joe Biden to try to halt the intention of the British Government to introduce an effective amnesty for crimes carried out during the Northern Ireland Troubles. Ms Urwin urged President Biden to speak out on the issue and said it would be helpful if the Irish Government could make representations to Mr Biden in relation to the controversy.

She noted that Mr Biden had said last year that he would not sign a trade deal with the UK if the Government there took any steps that undermined the peace process. AIDAN McANESPIE Also this week, the legal representatives of the family of Aidan McAnespie, who was shot dead by a British soldier at a checkpoint on the Monaghan-Tyrone Border at Aughnacloy in February 1988, said the British Government proposals would not halt a prosecution that was currently before the courts in Northern Ireland in relation to the killing.

Former Grenadier Guardsman David Jonathon Holden is facing a charge of manslaughter. Solicitor Darragh Mackin said the prosecution was currently before the Crown Court in the North and there was an obligation to ensure that it proceeded and concluded. Mr Macklin described the British Government proposals as “an affront to justice” that could not be accepted by any right…

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