23 July 2021 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Monaghan Co Council received presentations last week pointing to the development of adventure biking trails across the scenic Sliabh Beagh moorland and blanket bog expanse in the Border area, and the establishment of a network of ancestry tourism gatherings based on the county’s most prolific surnames, as a potential formula for transforming the county’s tourism status from Cinderella to Killarney!

Fiona Connolly of the Knockatallon-based Sliabh Beagh Adventures called on the elected and executive members of the local authority to pursue funding opportunities for the development of the existing network of walking and cycling trains on the mountain, pointing to the existing roadmap for development of the area that had been set in place by the Sliabh Beagh Master Plan.

Urging sensitive development that would protect and enhance the area’s considerable conservation and habitat value, she said that a unique opportunity existed to “turn Monaghan from one of the least visited counties to one of the most visited – Sliabh Beagh has potentially one of the best networks of cycling path in Ireland.”

Sliabh Beagh Adventures’ Martin Connolly voiced the conviction that, with the proper developments, Co Monaghan could earn a reputation as a place to come for cycling, and an ambitious cycling network could be established that both counties Monaghan and Fermanagh could market easily. Mr Connolly highlighted aspects of the current landscape that were providing a disincentive for cyclists to…

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