9 April 2021 No Comments by The Northern Standard

The much-published Covid-19 training rules breach by Dessie Farrell and his Dublin team prompts JACK MADDEN to wonder whether the current fixtureless limbo for Gaelic football is really a level playing field when it comes to scrutiny

There is something special about being part of a team. The individual cogs, divided in role, united in purpose. United in commitment, in passion and in desire to achieve. The relationships formed simply cannot be described in words, the bonds that link the chain create a feeling that will always be indescribable to those who have never witnessed it. It all just feels right, perfection in the simplest of forms.

Having this much in common, with this many. At any level of sport, this level of connectivity between individuals can leave a team feeling invincible. It can leave the individual sitting atop of cloud nine. It in turn can leave the risk of coming crashing back down to Earth.

For Dessie Farrell and Dublin, All-Ireland successes have left them nesting higher in the clouds than any team the game has ever seen. 2021 was supposed to be all about another one, seventh heaven. Recent days have changed matters for now. Instead of being feeling untouchable, they have been sharply and ruthlessly reminded that they too are human. A fall from grace. Pat Spillane once described “The Dubs” as a “juggernaut”, and if one were to analyse them in unison it is hard…

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