26 March 2021 No Comments by The Northern Standard

JACK MADDEN talks to Shane Rice, the Scotstown fitness coach negotiating an exciting career path through the uncharted waters of the global pandemic

A global pandemic-driven re-evaluation of life brought about many changes in people’s lifestyles. Unemployment was surging and schools were closed. We soon realised the only thing worse than no time was too much of it.

Enclosed within the four walls of our own homes, doing the shopping became a weekly highlight. Soon the word “virtual” was virtually unavoidable. Online interaction, for all its faults, provided an escape hatch. In the middle of the mayhem, most of us were struggling to adapt, our minds spinning. Others had their heads firmly screwed on.

Opportunities were arising. “Diamonds in the mud” to quote Scottish singer-songwriter Gerry Cinnamon. Every cloud has a silver lining. With more followers than any Monaghan intercounty player barring Conor McManus, Shane Rice is a name many Instagram users will be familiar with.

This time last year, the fitness coach was residing at home in north County Monaghan after a spell in eastern Canada, left with much to mull over. With gyms closed and household visits banned, personal training was…

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