19 March 2021 No Comments by The Northern Standard

JACK MADDEN casts a cautionary eye on the multi-million euro funding deal for the Six Nations and finds a mismatch between financial and emotional investment…

Money, money, money,/It’s a rich man’s game…. Two years on from the iconic Eurovision hit “Waterloo”, Swedish pop group ABBA released “Money, Money, Money”. A singalong that swept across Europe, something the ordinary man could relate to.

A multilingual approach brought astronomical success. A Europe united, both politically and in song, just a few years on from both Ireland and the Uk’s entry into the European Economic Community as it was then known. How times change. And yet how some things never have, and probably never will. The very reason the Uk joined the EU arguably became the reason they left it.

Money. For all the charitable inhabitants on this Earth, it seems they will forever face a battle with greed. Sport has become a big game of “Monopoly” for the wealthy, a hobby for those who have more money than sense. Soccer in particular, with its global appeal, has been hijacked by businessmen with offers too good to refuse. In their own minds, they sit smug in their leather chairs. Paperwork and stationery decorate the office, suspiciously neat and tidy, for it is never touched. Their wallet still holds a receipt for success, for it has been…

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