19 March 2021 No Comments by The Northern Standard

The seven members of the Monaghan Municipal District agreed on Monday to write to Cellnex Ireland voicing their personal opposition to the location of a telecommunications mast close to the Rossmore Forest Park amenity in Monaghan Town.

The MD members at their monthly meeting reflected strong community opposition to the proposal, referring to the large volume of representations they had received from people living in the vicinity of the proposed mast location. No planning application has yet been submitted to Monaghan Co Council but telcoms provider Cellnex has confirmed that it intends to seek planning approval for the mast, which is to be located on Coillte property, and stated that it has engaged in correspondence with local residents to explain the rationale for the proposal.

Cellnex said that the mast would address a telecommunications blackspot in the Rossmore area and that it was anxious to enter into an “open dialogue” on the issue. Raising the issue at Monday’s meeting, Sinn Féin representative Cathy Bennett said she wanted to reassure residents in the Rossmore Park area that she was opposed to the mast proposal. There were already 100 telecommunication masts erected in Monaghan, she stated, and that should be ample provision for the county.

Cathaoirleach Seamus Treanor (Independent) said all councillors had been contacted regarding the planned erection of a mast in the area of the water tower at Gortakeegan. Referring to the residential development for members of the travelling community in the Gortakeegan area, the Cathaoirleach said that Monaghan Co Council had spent in the region of €2.5 million improving the living conditions at…

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