19 March 2021 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Municipal District calls for measures to resolve “serious social issue”

The amenity value of the Bragan and wider Sliabh Beagh in North Monaghan area was being threatened by illegal dumping, joyriding and anti-social behaviour occurrences, it was stated at Monday’s meeting of the Monaghan Municipal District.

An incident in which a dead calf was dumped in the area was referred to in a discussion in which Fianna Fáil representative Raymond Aughey called for a reduction in the speed limit in the location to curb the activities of those using it as a venue for quad bike and scrambler bike activity.

Councillor Aughey told the meeting that the scourge of litter was unbelievable at the present time in the North Monaghan area, and was a particular problem in the Bragan and Tyholland locations. “I do not know how we will get around it but it is a serious social issue – there are bags of rubbish being dumped everywhere,” the Fianna Fáil representative told the meeting. “The message still does not seem to be getting through.”

Councillor Aughey referred to an incident in which a dead calf had been dumped in the Bragan area, an occurrence also referenced by Independent councillor Paudge Connolly and Fine Gael’s David Maxwell. The problem of littering in the Sliabh Beagh and Hollywood areas was also highlighted by Sinn Féin representative Cathy Bennett, who referred to public drinking by younger people who left bottles behind them. She said that some young people were also rallying on quads in the….

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