12 March 2021 No Comments by The Northern Standard

The sadness but warmth of recollection current in the minds and hearts of the members of Rossmore Golf Club following the passing of their friend and club stalwart George Leonard is encapsulated in the following tribute from VINCENT GILHAWLEY…

A stalwart of Rossmore -George Leonard remembered George Leonard was a man I was extremely honoured to call a staunch loyal friend ever since I first met him through golf at Rossmore Golf Club in the early 1980s. George was the quintessential loyal club member, the one who believed in totally supporting his club in every possible way. In all organisations, there are those who are content to let others do the work but George was a permanent stalwart of Rossmore while always operating, without fuss, below the radar.

His outstanding contribution as a Committee member was as Club Treasurer in the early ‘90s when Rossmore was transitioning from a 9-hole course to 18 holes. Land was bought, consultants and course designers engaged and contractors employed. The budget was tight and it required strict financial controls.

Throughout the construction phase, members kept coming up with new, innovative but quite expensive ideas. George regularly came under pressure to relax the purse strings but he was no pushover as he ensured the project stayed within budget. A rare feat indeed for any organisation. Rossmore was in good hands…

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