5 March 2021 No Comments by The Northern Standard

To a mundy backing track, JACK MADDEN runs the rule over decisions taken at the 2021 GAA Congress and finds “some necessary, some strange and some in-between” …

GAA Congress 2021. It is that time of year again. This time Larry McCarthy of Cork was announced as President of our 137-year-old association. His appointment coincided with the sudden appearance of experts nationwide, the commencement of debate from Derry to Kerry. Here we go again. The rolling stone of the GAA gathers no moss. For all its faults, 2020 gave us space to breathe, time to think. A period of evaluation, of self-assessment, providing an opportunity to hit the reset button for those who needed it. It could well have acted as a midlife crisis for the Gaelic Athletic Association. Facing into another uncertain season, the experience of last year surely should have provided some harsh but necessary lessons. How successful then was this year’s virtual edition of ….

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