5 February 2021 No Comments by The Northern Standard

JACK MADDEN takes a look through the lens of lockdown at the status and perception of League of Ireand soccer and its contribution to the forging of the “Boys in Green” identity of our international team

The ghost of Monaghan United spends its days haunting the residence of John Delaney. Any spare time is passed disrupting the sleep schedule of Giovanni Trapattoni. “We are proud because before the game we were in the same position with Sweden and Austria. In Ireland there is no league. our players play in England. In Sweden there is a league. In Austria there is a league.” Words that would be more akin to Roald Dahl than the manager of the Irish soccer team.

Words of fiction. Crazy, ignorant, and wrong. In the midst of his term in charge, Giovanni Trapattoni was the marmite of Irish soccer. By the end, he was more of a Margaret Thatcher, fitting in like a coeliac in a Weetabix factory. he craved the power, not to mention the €100,000 annual pay cheque. Trapattoni was almost the epitome of the “Celtic Tiger” attitude on these shores. The antics of the increasingly delusional Italian even managed to cover up the John Delaney circus that somehow only unfolded in the background. You know times are…

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