5 November 2020 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Independent councillor Seamus Treanor launched a strong attack on the migrant integration strategy presented to Monday’s meeting of Monaghan Co Council. The only councillor to vote against the adoption of the strategy, he objected to it as “totally biased in favour of mass immigration and open borders”. After the presentation on the strategy made by Social Integration Officer Bernie Bradley to the meeting, Councillor Treanor read a statement to the meeting in which he continued: “It [the strategy[ fails to mention the negative impact of uncontrolled immigration and open orders. It fails to mention the negative impact of uncontrolled immigration into our country.

“There are three types of migrant into Ireland. Number one is the legal migrant, who is usually skilled and has a visa and a job to go to. Many of them work in our health services and are a welcome asset to our country. “Number two is the EU migrant who is entitled to move here for work. Unfortunately, most of these work in lowpaid jobs, pay little or no tax and have to be subsidised with welfare benefits including medical cards, free education for their children and HAP [Housing Assistance Payment] payments of €600 per month. In other…

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