5 June 2020 No Comments by The Northern Standard

In glorious sunshine last Sunday morning 134 members of the Monaghan Walkernutts/Joggernutts group along with some friends from Monaghan Phoenix ran/walked a combined total of 1691.5km while adhering to the Government’s rules on staying within 5km of home.

This was 567km more than the group ran/walked on their May Day challenge at the start of the month. The ‘Whit Weekend Challenge’ was the brainchild of group members Catherine Murphy and Noel Harraghy. Once again the idea was to either walk or run 5km, 10km, 10 miles or a half marathon. With high temperatures predicted proceedings got underway as early as 7am and by 11am when the temperature was over 20degrees the members had managed to walk/run a total of 1691.5km or 1051miles while staying within 5km of home and running in small groups of four or less and practicing social distancing. That is an average of 12.62km or 7.84 miles per person.

On Sunday afternoon Declan Sherry showed he could give Aidan Deighan a run for his money (no pun intended) with a very witty account of the day posted on social media. Catherine Murphy also posted a wonderful slideshow which included images of many of the participants. Later that evening Catherine put the name of all the participants in a hat and with the help of husband Colin, Alexa from Amazon and daughters Holly and Clodagh carried out a live draw for three spot prizes. The lucky winners were Victor Watterson, Jennifer Mc Kenna and Teresa Kierans. A big thank you to the prize sponsors namely Emma Costello Yoga and Fitness and Paul Mc Gillan.

Thanks to the hard work of Catherine Murphy and Noel Harraghy and the participation of well over 100 ‘Nutts’ the event was a major success for the group who are in only their third year of existence. A specially commissioned medal will be presented to all at a later date. Founding member Leslie Crawford said afterwards, “A big thanks to all concerned today especially Noel and Catherine for bringing us together and Declan’s humour in transferring the days activities into words.

It was another epic day in our short history. Our mental and physical health is the real winner today”. Never one to rest on his laurels Leslie also commented that another challenge would be on the cards soon and encouraged everyone to keep going as it will be winter for long enough.

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