14 May 2020 No Comments by The Northern Standard

• Department says no problems with supply of specialist meats for Ramadan

Michael Fisher

A recent post on social media carried a plea said to come from a resident of St Patrick’s Accommodation Centre in Monaghan. It stated that: “I am living in depression everyday in St Patrick’s Direct Provision Centre in County Monaghan for over 5 years with my husband and two kids. We had a meeting with the manager about our weekly meals for Ramadan because of our fasting times and she was very…aggressive to our request for meals. She claim (sic.) that the Justice Department can only provide 2 dates per an adult daily and 1/4 bottle of syrup for a Muslim family meal times during Ramadan.”

The Northern Standard sought a response from the Department of Justice regarding the provision of Halal meals at the centre. It issued a statement as follows: “According to management in St. Patrick’s Accommodation Centre, all meat that is supplied to the centre is Halal and there has been no problem with the supply. All meats have been freely available during the Covid-19 emergency as their suppliers have continued…

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