8 May 2020 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Over the last number of weeks, we have noticed a significant increase in illegal dumping in the North Monaghan area. While the local people organised the annual “Spring Clean” and adhering to the strict Government guidelines, others are intent on undoing their good work. There have been numerous reports of dumping, both household waste and in one instance, a carcass of a calf dumped in the scenic Bragan region.

Locals have been very vigilant in reporting these cases to the Environmental Section of Monaghan County Council and the council inform us that illegal dumping is widespread and they are inundated with calls each day thus stretching their resources to breaking point. The added cost of these extra clean ups means that much needed council funds have to be redirected from more worthwhile projects.

The council points out that anyone caught illegal dumping will be subject to prosecution and a hefty fine. So beware, during these extraordinary times when the majority of people are at home, they are able to keep an eye out for these perpetrators. Please be mindful, dispose of your own waste properly and take care of your local area.

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