30 April 2020 No Comments by The Northern Standard

A new study amongst over 700 Irish adults has revealed that local news publications, print and online, are still widely consumed, with half of the population reading local newspapers in print at least once a week, and two thirds turning to local newspaper websites. The survey, commissioned by Local Ireland – the representative association for 46 weekly paid for local newspapers and online platforms – reveals the current situation on Covid-19 has resulted in people consuming more media than ever before, with 30% of the Irish adult population reading more local printed newspapers, and half reading local news websites more than they did previously.

The younger cohort, aged between 16 – 34, appear to be recognising the importance of local media at this significant time, with 48% reading more local newspapers in print than they did before, and 14% more likely to have increased their usage of local news websites compared to the adult population. The survey finds almost one quarter amongst the 16 – 34 years age rely on local news media more than…

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