30 April 2020 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Splitter Device for Ventilators was Developed in Five Weeks

Michael Fisher

Monaghan company Combilift, best known for its manufacture of forklifts, has drawn on its engineering expertise to develop a medical device that could potentially help thousands of people worldwide in the battle against coronavirus. The Combi-Ventilate is a splitter device that turns a single ventilator into multiple use for two or more patients. Six weeks ago, the company’s Chief Executive Martin McVicar told The Northern Standard about measures they were taking to implement public health guidelines on Covid-19 among the workforce of 600.

He was asked by this reporter if the company’s engineering skills might be called on at some point in future to help with the supply of vital medical equipment such as ventilators. The Combilift boss said he would be very open to examining this possibility, if they could bring together enough experience from other companies, but the main problem would be when it came to testing and getting certification…

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