23 April 2020 No Comments by The Northern Standard

By Veronica Corr

Dr. Illona Duffy of Swan Park Surgery in Monaghan Town, was good enough to talk to The Northern Standard on Friday afternoon last, while she was self-isolating in her bedroom, having received confirmation that she had contracted COVID-19 the previous Sunday (12th April), after she was referred and tested on Tuesday (7th April). The testing of medical professionals and their families is being prioritised, (as well as that of high-risk people), in order to get frontline staff back to work as soon as possible. When asked how experiencing the illness from both a doctor’s and patient’s perspective had been, she said that as a doctor she was used to being in control, so this situation had posed a challenge. Nonetheless, she said that experiencing it first-hand had given her a greater understanding of why it was so important to keep to the…

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