17 April 2020 No Comments by The Northern Standard

The Northern Standard newspaper will be back on the shelves on Thursday next April 23.

  We thank all those who have continued to support the newspaper through our website content and our presence on other social media platforms over recent weeks.

  For next week’s edition and the editions to follow, we are anxious to hear from readers about their experience of the Covid-19 pandemic and its accompanying restrictions.

  We are sure there are many very positive stories throughout our local communities of individuals and groups innovatively and altruistically helping neighbours and those in vulnerable categories survive and thrive in the current challenging environment.

  We would also like to highlight those Co Monaghan businesses, and businesses with a Monaghan connection anywhere in the world, who have adapted their production practices in order to play a role in combating the pandemic.

  Anyone aware of good news stories that fall within these categories is invited to contact us via email at or

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