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The moves by Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael TD towards a possible partnership in government have been branded “a stitch-up” by Cavan/Monaghan Sinn Féin TD Matt Carthy.

Following negotiations, FF and FG this week published a framework document as a basis for working together in government which was subsequently endorsed by the groupings’ respective parliamentary parties. Both parties have refused to enter into discussions with SF regarding the formation of a government.

Deputy Carthy accused FF and FG of attempting to ignore the desire for change among the Irish people. He said the aim of the joint framework paper was to exclude his own party and its voters from any role in government.

“This stitch-up by FF and FG is not about the Coronavirus,” the SF TD stated. “Every political party recognises that the immediate priority right now is public health and saving as many lives as possible.

“Rather, this is an attempt to exclude SF and all those who voted for change. This trajectory by those two parties had begun before Covid-19 ever reached Irish soil.

“The paper produced by FF and FG is an insult to those who want a change in direction. The promises of those two parties to fundamentally reverse the policies they have championed for decades would be laughable were this not such a serious matter.”

Deputy Carthy claimed that most of the aspirations outlined in the framework document would never become a reality while FF and FG shared power.

“We know this from the experience of their Confidence and Supply arrangement of the past four years,” he said.
“The people who voted for change last February know that FF and FG cannot be trusted to effect that change. They know that those parties will not deliver for ordinary workers and families.

“Delivering the change that people voted for means delivering the biggest house-building programme in the history of the State. It means everyone being able to see a doctor when they are sick, it means delivering truly affordable childcare, it means addressing the neglect of our rural and farming communities and it means ensuring that workers can avail of a State pension at 65.

“None of this is laid out in FF and FG’s document. In fact, there is hardly a mention of the imbalances that discriminate against rural communities or the pressures our family farmers are facing.”

Deputy Carthy said SF would continue to work to bring about “real change” and would continue to liaise with all political opinion “to stop this stitch-up”.

• SF TD Matt Carthy

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