13 April 2020 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Monaghan Co Museum wants to collect the public’s stories about the Covid-19 pandemic.

They can be:
Photographs or drawings – Any sort of pictures or drawing that shows life as it is now during the pandemic.
Stories relating to the pandemic in Monaghan – These could be your stories or perhaps those of a family member or friend that you have spoken with.
Video, audio or sound files – These could be interviews with family members – perhaps older members of your family who have memories of times like this in the past. All material submitted will be added to the Museum collection and form part of an exhibition in the near future.

Some things to get you thinking……
Your daily life – How has your experience of the Covid-19 pandemic changed your day-to-day life?
Work – Do you or a member of your family work in a front line service right now? Can you record that experience in any way?
Shopping – What is it like for you or your family members when you or they go shopping for essentials?
Religion – If you do, how has the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way you worship?
Communication – How do you keep in contact with your family, friends, work colleagues?
Spare Time – What are you doing to keep your body and mind active? What are you and your family doing to entertain yourselves?
Community – Are you doing something in your community to help or perhaps you know of others who are helping? Is someone helping you?

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