26 March 2020 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Michael Fisher

Professor Sam McConkey is an expert in infectious diseases who has appeared frequently on radio and television to talk about the dangers of coronavirus. Based in Dublin, he explained this week to The Northern Standard how he was unable to return to his native Killeevan to visit his mother in Latroe for Mother’s Day.

He said he wanted to protect her and did not want to put his family in harm’s way, so he followed the public health guidelines. His brother Andrew who lives locally is able to call and (as he explained in an RTÉ Prime Time interview) his mother is able to take a walk along a road beside her house in order to exercise.

On Monday Professor Mc- Conkey took time from his busy schedule to speak to The Northern Standard about the coronavirus emergency. He also spoke to the Joe Finnegan show on Northern Sound. On Monday evenbing he appeared on the Claire Byrne…

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