20 March 2020 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Have you heard the story about the young Monaghan students who couldn’t go to university? it wasn’t because they weren’t smart enough, it wasn’t because they hadn’t completed secondary school and it wasn’t because they lacked talent. it was because they couldn’t afford to! the costs were simply too high for them to get in. but there was a programme that could help and they are in college now.

And did you hear about the Monaghan man who almost died? He had a heart attack in his local bar. Luckily for him there was a person on hand who knew CPR and was able to keep his heart pumping until medical help arrived. Or what about the Monaghan primary school students who struggled to read? Without help, their chances of getting a proper education was in doubt.

It was a good job for them that their teachers had been trained in Reading Recovery. They now read at a level above their class average. What do all these stories have in common? All have been supported in one way or another by The County Monaghan Fund, Irelands only county based endowment fund.

In recent years the Fund has supported Monaghan Education Centre to deliver Reading Recovery training to local primary school teachers. They now use their skills to ensure that no child with reading difficulties is left without help. The fund also provided training equipment and training for trainers in CPR, contributing…

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