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By Veronica Corr

World Down Syndrome Day takes place on March 21st and to celebrate the wonderful children who have this condition, three organisations, Triona’s Tots, the Down Syndrome Centre and Team 21 Tots, came together to create a video which features some families from the North East, including local Annemarie Cassidy and her family, who are involved with the Down Syndrome Centre North East (DSCNE), based in Carrickmacross.

Annemarie, her husband Paul and their four children Orlaith, Shane, Liam and Caolán (who celebrated his third birthday on Sunday) are featured in the video singing along to Michael Bublé’s beautiful song ‘Forever Now,’ the lyrics to which are very appropriate.

Everyone featured in the video is also wearing green t-shirts bearing the slogan ‘Try See ME 21,’ a play on words, as Down Syndrome is also known as Trisomy 21, where a third copy of some or all of the 21st chromosome is present in a person’s genetic make-up. That’s why March 21st (3/21) was chosen as the Down Syndrome Awareness Day.

Speaking to The Northern Standard, Annemarie explained that the video was Trina Cussen’s idea and this is the second year she did this to raise positive awareness about Down Syndrome. Trina runs Trina’s Tots classes in Ardee, which Annemarie attended. Trina is affiliated with the Down Syndrome Centre in Dublin, who released the video.

“What she is trying to do is raise positive awareness around Down Syndrome and the video also shows that we use Lámh (a manual sign system for key words which helps children and adults communicate). All children with Down Syndrome, it takes them longer to talk, so we use Lámh,” Annemarie explained.

The Cassidy family videoed themselves and sent it off for editing into the larger ensemble piece, featuring families from all over the country. Warner Music Ireland, Advocate Films and Morgan Fullam did the honours.

“Trina and another girl were in touch Michael Búble and all the steps that needed to be taken were taken before we released it. We can’t wait for him to share it!,” Annemarie said, before referring to the t-shirts, which had a particularly heart-warming message, (as detailed above).

Speaking about the video itself, Annemarie said that it was the second year the Cassidy’s had taken part: “I’m honoured to have taken part and it’s lovely that we’re all in it. Last year’s was Ellie Goulding’s song ‘How Long Will I Love You,’ if you look at it you can see the difference in the children, how much more grown up they are.

“It’s lovely for us, who have children with Down Syndrome, but it might help people who are pregnant or those who have a new baby, as well,” she observed, before concluding by saying: “Trina’s wish is that the video is shared far and wide so that we can share positive awareness of Down Syndrome.”

This heart-melting video is definitely worth a watch and a share (please share from the original Down Syndrome Centre post):

Caption: The Cassidy family, as featured in the video ‘Forever Now’ for Down Syndrome Awareness Day

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