12 March 2020 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Ryan Connolly, a furniture maker who established Connolly & Company in Emyvale in 2012, will be showcasing his designs at Generation, an exhibition of objects and textiles designed and created using inherited traditions of creativity and innovation.

The exhibition, which will open at the National Design & Craft Gallery in Kilkenny on Thursday, 12 March, invites us to consider the unique perspective of a group of Irish-based designer-makers who are custodians of craft traditions, continuing and/or reinventing the work begun by previous generations of their families.

Ryan said he aims to make furniture to an exceptional standard in a range of sustainably sourced hardwoods with subtle shades and grain twists in the wood, while characteristics of natural timber give each piece its unique personality and style. Located in Emyvale, Connolly & Company is located adjacent to the family business…

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