13 December 2019 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Peter Hughes

Gardaí in Monaghan were praised at Tuesday’s meeting of Co Monaghan Joint Policing Committee for the support and information they provided to victims of domestic violence incidents. Community JPC representative Siobhán McKenna, Manager of Monaghan’s Tearmann Domestic Violence Services, welcomed statistics presented to the meeting which indicated that there had been an increase in the number of reports of domestic violence to the Gardaí. She said that Tearmann had been trying to raise awareness around this issue and around the new offence of coercive control.

“The Gardaí are giving women information around services and many of these women are making contact with us,” Ms McKenna stated. “The Gardaí would be responsible for the highest level of referrals.” Presenting figures to the meeting of the total number of Garda responses in Co Monaghan to domestic violence reports during the third quarter of this year, Chief Superintendent John O’Reilly said that on quite a few occasions there was either drink involved or a complaint was subsequently withdrawn.

However, if there was a barring or safety order in place, the Gardaí were obliged to arrest the person who breached the order. Arguments between individuals or arguments at parties formed the background to a lot of the domestic violence incidents the Gardaí responded to. Of 21 such incidents reported to the Gardaí in the Monaghan Division in the third quarter of 2018, in only three was a crime disclosed. Of the 34 incidents for the same period in 2019, in 30 of the cases no offence was disclosed. The…

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