25 October 2019 No Comments by The Northern Standard

As runners from all over the country completed final preparations for this coming Sunday’s KBC Dublin Marathon, Tuesday October 16th seen the launch of a colourful hardback publication to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the running of this very popular marathon through the historic streets of Dublin City. The book entitled ‘The Dublin Marathon Celebrating 40 Years’ was compiled and edited by wellknown Leitrim journalist Sean McGoldrick and includes a small selection of articles penned by various contributors from all over Ireland who reminisce on their own individual Dublin Marathon experiences since its inception in October 1980.

One such article that made it through the editor’s sieve ponders on the formation in 2017 of the Monaghan Town Over 50s Joggernutts by popular ‘marathon man’ Leslie Crawford and the group’s inaugural participation in the 2018 Dublin Marathon. Coached, cajoled and encouraged by Leslie, eight marathon hopefuls from the ranks of the ‘The Joggernutts’ stepped up to the starting line in October 2018 to accompany Leslie as he ran his 201st marathon.

Written by Enda Galligan, the article not only captures the origins of ‘The Joggernutts’, but also reflects on the year-long marathon training regime and the amazing carnival atmosphere that is very much part of the Dublin Marathon experience. Leslie was presented with a surprise copy of the book during a post-run coffee session in Kinga’s Cafe on Monday morning last. Generously accepting the presentation Leslie extended best wishes to the large contingent of local runners who will be on the starting line next Sunday morning including eighteen members of the Monaghan Town Over 50s Joggernutts.

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