4 October 2019 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Sinn Féin MEP, Matt Carthy, joined the chorus of outrage this week to the British government’s suggestion of developing customs posts along the border as part of its effort to replace the ‘backstop’. The Monaghan based representative described any such arrangements as “absolutely unacceptable”.

Speaking from Brussels on Tuesday the Monaghan based MEP said: “This is a ludicrous proposition from the British Government that will be rejected by communities on both sides of the border. It vindicates those of us who argued that the issues pertaining to the border in Ireland needed to be addressed in the first part of the Brexit negotiations. While the British governments claimed that they could be trusted to protect the Good Friday Agreement this paper shows that, even at this late stage, they have either no understanding or no care for our peace process or the economy in any part of Ireland, including the north.

“It is incumbent on the EU and the Irish government to make it absolutely clear that any such proposal is absolutely out of the question. The partition of our country has been a disaster economically, socially and politically. It led to division and conflict and has stunted the potential of our entire country and especially the border region. The Good Friday Agreement and our joint membership of the EU single market were the twin ingredients that have allowed us to begin undoing some of the…

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