27 September 2019 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Children and young people from Monaghan Town added their voices to the powerful call to arms for climate change justice heard across the globe on Friday last. People going about their business in Church Square during the busy early afternoon stopped to view and listen to a colourful highlighting of the emerging generations’ concerns about the way their planet is being looked after by those in charge.

“We want to make our presence felt,” local visual artist Olivia Johnson told the Northern Standard as her children donned costumes and held up banners they had prepared calling for the world’s mounting climate problems to be addressed. “We want to encourage everyone to play their part and put pressure on Monaghan Co Council for action.” It was her own children and their friends who were the organisers of the event, she emphasised.

“They have become very worried about the planet, and feel that the local Co Council and the Irish Government could be doing a lot more.” Olivia and the kids’ message to the politicians was blunt: “There is no time to talk any more – too much has to be done.” Many Monaghan adults, students and children travelled….

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