6 September 2019 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Michael Fisher

With just nine weeks to go before a possible no-deal Brexit that would take Northern Ireland out of the European Union, the Border Communities Against Brexit (BCAB) group has announced details of a major public meeting in Clones on the realities of the return of a hard border on the island of Ireland. BCAB spokesperson Paul Gibbons told The Northern Standard: “It is now clear that the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is on a reckless course to inflict a no-deal Brexit, resulting in the return of a hard border on the island of Ireland. This is a nightmare scenario for communities on both sides of the border and threatens major economic, social and political upheaval.”

“The British Prime Minister has shown absolutely no regard for the majority of the people in the north of Ireland who clearly voted to remain in the EU and who want at all costs to avoid a return to the past. Mr Johnson’s crashout plans are putting both our economy and our peace process in serious jeopardy.” “Agri-food producers, manufacturers, workers, students and the community sector will all suffer greatly, while border infrastructure will re-open wounds from the conflict we have all worked hard to put behind us. The only way to ensure the livelihoods of communities on the border, our economy and the hard-won peace that we all cherish here, is to implement the Withdrawal Agreement and the backstop.” ‘

Mr Gibbons continued: “Border Communities Against Brexit is not prepared to stand by or acquiesce in the Tory Government’s act of political vandalism. We will not accept any return to a hard border or the destruction of the economic and social life of border communities.” “We will continue to fight this scenario, tooth and nail, and we have huge public support for our position.”

“As part of that fightback, Border Communities Against Brexit will host a major public meeting and exhibition at The Creighton Hotel, Clones, on Sunday 8th September. All individuals, community groups and political parties are welcome.” There will be high profile speakers in attendance, but also those who were involved in the border road opening campaign. The meeting will start at 7.30pm and the exhibition, illustrating the realities of a hard border, will be open to the public from 5pm. …

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