17 August 2019 No Comments by The Northern Standard

John McGuirk

I am childless, but my taxes pay for schools. I am not sick, thank God, but my taxes pay for hospitals. Ireland is not likely to be invaded any time soon, but my taxes pay for an army. We pay the government for things that we do not use ourselves, but benefit everyone, all the time, because the country is a better place for everyone if it has schools and hospitals. Also, without the state paying for them, there would be many fewer schools, and hospitals. The market will not provide. That is not true of television. In Ireland today, you can choose from any number of packages and providers to suit your needs. Netflix, BT, Sky and Virgin all provide relatively cheap options if you want loads of original content. If you don’t feel like paying, the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV and Virgin Media are all available, and cost you nothing. Indeed, more Irish people watch these channels, and these offerings, than watch RTÉ. The national…

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