17 August 2019 No Comments by The Northern Standard

As we wrap up The Monaghan 10 & 5 miler for another year we would like to express our gratitude to the running community for turning out in such great numbers to our event!!! We had representatives from so many running clubs cross our finish line and we are honoured that you chose our event. We are delighted also with the positive feedback you have given us!! While there is always room for improvement we were relieved that on the whole, everything went to plan and everyone seemed to have enjoyed their day out in Monaghan town centre!!

Much gratitude to all our sponsors, to the local businesses and organisations who helped facilitate our event, and to the local Gardai and Civil Defence. A special thanks to the good people of Ballinode who created a lovely welcome for our 10 mile runners as they passed through their beautiful village. Biggest thanks of all to our volunteers! From those who gathered sponsorship, those who met with town officials and gardai to plan the event, the many who brought sandwiches and delicious homemade goodies, those who manned water stations, marshalled roads, made teas, took photographs, handed out medals, and did many many other tasks which were vital to the success of the event. Selfless teamwork made the dream happen. Thank you all.

A donation will be made to a local charity from the proceeds of our event-more details to follow. Onwards and upwards now till The Monaghan 10 & 5 miler in 2020. We hope to see you all there Keep er fit!

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