9 August 2019 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Still No Clues Why Tribute to Loughgall Gunmen Was Removed

Michael Fisher

There’s still an empty space where a memorial to two prominent IRA members once stood at Drumfurrer on the main road between Monaghan and Clogher, close to the border with Co. Tyrone. The mystery remains surrounding its complete removal overnight last week. Such an operation would have required a digger or bulldozer, and possibly a truck to take away all the material, so it was planned in advance and was not a spontaneous action.

Trees that had been planted beside the memorial were cut down with a type of saw. The decorative iron railings surrounding the stone panel were removed along with most of the gravel pathway and paving stones leading up to it. Wooden fencing at the edge of the site was smashed down and thrown into the bushes. Gardaí said at the time they had not received any reports of criminal damage or theft in that area.

The black marble panel set into a wall of local stone was erected in 2007 in memory of two senior IRA members, Jim Lynagh from Monaghan town and Pádraig McKearney from The Moy, County Tyrone. Both belonged to the IRA’s East Tyrone unit, eight of whom were shot dead when they launched a bomb and gun attack on Loughgall RUC station in County Armagh in 1987. The IRA unit was wiped out by undercover SAS soldiers who had been lying in wait. This was the IRA’s greatest loss of life in a single incident during the troubles. A local man…

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