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Michael Fisher

A nursing home in Ballybay has been found by the Health Information and Quality Authority to be moderately non- compliant in four areas of care. The aim of the unannounced inspection in March at St Anne’s Nursing Home by monitors from HIQA was to look at dementia care. The nursing home’s self- assessment said it demonstrated compliance in four areas, and was substantially compliant in two other areas. The health watchdog found that the health needs of the 31 residents were met and that they were seen regularly by their GP. The report said the wellbeing and welfare of the residents with a diagnosis of dementia was being maintained to a satisfactory standard through the provision of nursing and medical care.

However, it noted that care plans had not been devised for two residents and some care plans were not reviewed as per the regulations. The proprietors stated that all new admissions now had assessments completed and care plans prepared based on the outcome of assessments and the wishes of the resident within 48 hours of admission. Further training had been given to staff in relation to the documentation process and all resident care plans would be reviewed following any change in the residents’ needs or wishes and at regular intervals not exceeding four months.

The report noted there were measures in place to protect residents from harm or abuse, but one staff member was working without Garda vetting. The management stated that this person would not work in the centre until satisfactory clearance was received. In addition, all current staff files had been audited against the required records and any missing documents had been requested. In future, new recruits would not be permitted to commence employment until all the necessary records had been obtained.

The HIQA inspector said she was satisfied with finance procedures. Interaction between staff and residents was satisfactory except for a number of residents who were not engaged with. The use of restraint was ‘not in accordance with the national guidance’, according to the report. The proprietor said all staff had received training in relation to restraint and the national policy, as published by the Department of Health. Changes in practice were being implemented in a phased programme of restraint review in consultation with residents.

St Anne’s was found to have a ‘substantially compliant’ procedure for dealing with complaints, and suitable staffing. The proprietor said the former maternity hospital was undergoing refurbishment to ensure compliance with regulations. The HIQA report commented that the layout, particularly the sitting room, was not appropriate to the needs of residents. The environment was “not regarded as a therapeutic resource”.


Following the inspection, the nursing home confirmed it would improve in these areas to ensure compliance with regulations, in line with the findings of the report. In the short term, the seating arrangements in the main sitting room had been changed to accommodate all residents being seated, whilst allowing freedom of movement for those residents who wished to move around without causing disruption during activities. Residents who did not wish to take part in the daily activity were also being encouraged to watch television etc. in the alternative sitting room that was available. New signage had been ordered.

The management said that it had plans to renovate the premises in the long term to enhance the aesthetics of the internal environment, the communal areas and to provide extra facilities such as quiet areas and extended gardens outside the building.


Residents of Mullinahinch House in Mullinahinch, Monaghan, say they “couldn’t wish for better” care. That was one of the findings from the most recent HIQA inspection at the Monaghan nursing home. Inspectors were assured that this was a well- managed centre, which is a family-run business. The announced inspection in February was carried out to ensure compliance with regulations as part of the renewal of registration as a care facility.

There was evidence of good governance and…

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