14 June 2019 No Comments by The Northern Standard

THE former owner of a licensed premises in Monaghan town has re-entered the property and challenged its current registered owners to seek a High Court injunction to have him removed. Feargal Deery, who was previously the managing proprietor of the business known as ‘The Junction/Master Deery’s’ of Market Street and Park Street, is understood to have entered the building along with a group of others at some time on Sunday morning last.

Gardai have confirmed to the Northern Standard that they are monitoring the situation, but have not taken any action as of yet as they wait to see whether such a High Court injunction is indeed sought or obtained against Mr Deery. At Monaghan Circuit Court in January of this year, 48-year-old Deery was cleared by a jury after being tried on 12 charges of trespass and causing criminal damage at the same premises on dates between 24th April and 28th August 2016. The jury members had been advised by Judge John Aylmer that they had to consider, from all the evidence they had heard, whether Mr Deery, with an address at Drumhillock, Monaghan, could honestly have held the belief — whether justified or not in so doing — that he had an interest in the property and a right to protect it.

The January trial was told that a company called Wardglade Ltd had acquired legal title to the property in January 2015, and that it had nominated well-known businessman Seamus McEnaney as the licence holder in respect of the premises.

In a Facebook video posted on Sunday last, Mr Deery announced that he had been in possession of the property since arriving at about eight o’clock that morning with a “locksmith” who “carried out the required works”. He said there were now six people in the property and claimed that everything was “above board” from a legal perspective. The next move, he said, would be for “those who claimed to own the property” to go to the High Court to get an injunction to have himself and the others removed. He was accompanied in the video by another gentleman who called on the public to “get together to stop this corruption”. This man also claimed that it was a “proven fact” that “posession is nine tenths of the law”, and that they were now in “legal and lawful possession” of the premises.

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