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by Fr. Paddy Marron

On New Year’s Eve 1912 the Foresters Marching Band made it first public appearance. There were just seventeen members in their brass band. Although it was well acclaimed on its performances it did not last long. It was disbanded because of lack of numbers. James Devine, Arthur Love, George Mohan, Patrick Hanratty and Paddy Ross were members of it.

A Pipe Band
In 1924 James Devine, P. Courtney, James McNally, Pat Callan, Peter Goodman and Bernard Finegan tried to establish a pipe band. This band made its first public appearance at a Gaelic football match in Carrick in September. It too discontinued because of dwindling numbers.

Steadfast Band
After the ending of the Second World War in 1945 W. McLerie and Fr. Browne established a very successful shoe factory which gave employment to over 300. In 1953 the workers formed a brass and reed band. They made their first appearance at the Blessed Sacrament Procession through the town in May 1956 an annual appearance still appreciated.

St. Joseph’s Boys’ Band
In 1963 Rev. Br. Gregory, a Patrician brother, founded St. Joseph’s Boy’s band commencing with 32 members and growing to 63. The variety of instruments used….

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