19 April 2019 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Many people gathered in Castleblayney on Saturday last as part of the ongoing campagin for the restoration of the town’s Market House. Originally built c.1790 with signficant additions made c.1856, the Market House remains a major focal point of Castleblayney’s historic town centre.

Despite the inclement weather there was a jovial atmosphere as people gathered, many people braving the cold temperatures and strong winds. It provided an opportunity for the people of Castleblayney and surrounding areas to come together and voice their unwavering support for Castleblayney Market House in a positive and constructive manner.

The organisers of the gathering stressed that it was a non partisan event, they and the people of Castleblayney are not interested in turning the Market House into a political football, nor focusing on past mistakes or missed opportunities. Unfortunately the town is where it is today with regard to the Market House (and many other historic…

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