29 March 2019 No Comments by The Northern Standard

As the chaos at Westminster continues, the Border Communities Against Brexit group has announced details of a protest at the border at Moybridge on the main N2 Dublin to Derry road outside Aughnacloy on Saturday 30th March.

This is the day after the original date set by the British government for withdrawing from the EU. It will start at 3pm and is one of six similar demonstrations being held from the old Dublin road at Carrickarnan outside Dundalk to Lifford (bridge connecting to Strabane) and Bridgend near Derry.

Spokesman Declan Fearon said MPs were simply jockeying for position in a race to become the next Prime Minister, while at the same time they were seeking to prevent a split in the Tory party, which seemed to be the British government’s number one priority.

“While business in the north and individuals are fed up and weary with Brexit, the costs in terms of planning, stockpiling, acquiring new property in another EU member state or licensing is costing tens of millions of pounds. This is a shocking waste of money, while now so close to the…

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